Obsessed with the Best BBQ

Cody’s Smokehouse started out as a group of guys who have an affection for crafting (and enjoying) the country’s best BBQ. These guys have been in the restaurant business since the 1970’s; following our passion for great food and an all around excellent restaurant experience. Through the process of satisfying our tastebuds, we perfected our own recipe for some darn good BBQ.

Led by the heavily decorated and award winning pitmasters Darren and Sherry Warth; Cody’s Smokehouse is dedicated to bringing authentic BBQ and catering to Sioux Falls.

Darren and Sherry compete on the National BBQ Circuit and have won over 800 Category Awards and over 75 State BBQ Championships. Their team is the only team to complete the Grand Slam of KCBS BBQ Competitions.

Other awards:

  • 2017 National BBQ Championship in Houston Texas
  • 2016 Sam’s Club National Championship
  • 2016 American Royal Open
  • 2014 Jack Daniels World Championship
  • 2014 King of the Smoker
  • 2013 American Royal Open
  • 2013 Kingsford Invitational in New York City

Darren and Sherry continue to dominate the BBQ Circuit on a weekly basis and have been ranked in the top ten in the nation annually for the last decade. This top ten ranking comes from competing with over 7,000 teams. Cody’s Smokehouse makes some of the best BBQ in the country, thanks to Darren and Sherry’s knowledge and skill as true BBQ Champions. It is with that same passion and pride that we come to work each and every day.

If you flat out love pure, smoky BBQ perfection, you’ll feel right at home at Cody’s Smokehouse.